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Spinning stars is a type of game that is presented directly by novomatic. A slot game that has 5 reels is an old school game. It looks ordinary and only has fruit images. But make no mistake, this spinning stars game is a popular game among online gambling lovers.

This type of game has 10 types of unexpected wins, even though it has the same symbol shape, this game has an exciting circular round. Each round will make gamers arched and hypnotized endlessly. Each symbol always gives the spinning stars an unexpected surprise.

Game symbols

Volleycortese – Games that have symbols that give a lot of value can be seen by gamers in the game info. There will be fruit symbols such as plums, cherries, grapes, watermelons, lemons, and oranges. There are also other symbols in the form of stars, bells, and the number 7. In the info gamers will find the value and number of symbols to be able to win the game.

Stars go wild. Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter. When you get the same 3 wilds, the symbol screen forms a circular motion. In this movement the symbols around the stars will also move and form values. The spin will be a sign of an unexpected game bonus by gamers.

multiple wins//Stars

Wild move

In stars, bells and the number 7 has a high value in spinning stars. The presence of stars is on rounds 1, 3 and 5. Spins 1 and 5 are on the edge, while for round 3 it is in the middle of the reels. Seeing the rotation of the stars of course gamers are not surprised anymore because the type of rotation in a clockwise direction.

Each symbol that surrounds the star will be invited to rotate and form a value. Every time there is a star symbol on the right and left, the middle symbol right on the middle reel will turn into a star. To start playing the game, gamers must place a bet value. Gamers can set the amount of bet value they want with an amount of 0.10 to 100 coins.

Game button

You can press the minus and plus buttons on the game screen to set the bet amount. A game that will form a high value and this win does not have free spins. Even though it doesn’t have a free spin game, spinning stars have a bonus game spin on the star symbol. Rtp game spinning stars is 95.11%. The level of the game is being able to make you win.

The higher the bet value applied, the closer to victory. The winning direction that can form a value from left to right and diagonally will give an unexpected value. Gamers can also enjoy additional games to the spinning stars game. In addition to this game, gamers will be asked to choose the color behind the card.

Additional games

Guess the color on the back of the card and if the guess is correct the gamer will get a double value. Gamers can enjoy additional exciting features of spinning stars. Playing games in manual mode will certainly make the game rotation slow. Gamers also have to press the start button continuously to start playing the game.

To speed up the rotation and not feel bored, gamers can press the automatic button. A button that can make the screen rotate automatically. So gamers just have to wait, no need to press the button again. The screen will continue to spin and give the game a winning value.