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Plenty of fruit 6

Plenty of fruit 6 novomatic

Plenty of fruit 6 is one of those games that gives a lot of value with sweet fruit. Novomatic presents a game full of very high stakes. Its presence makes many gamers impatient so that the game plenty of fruit 6 will become a popular game in various types of circles.

There will be many types of fruit that keep on spinning and giving gamers value. The blue color is the theme of the game plenty of fruit, 6 very calm colors make the atmosphere of the game so exciting. In the game plenty of fruit 6 gamers are faced with 6 reels and 4 lines. On the reels are not played directly 6 because on the 6th reel it is still closed.

Victory stage

Volleycortese – To activate a more exciting game, gamers can prepare the same symbol or a combination of symbols. Every win that gamers get is taken from left to right except for the scatter. The scatter value does not follow left to right because the scatter can form its own value. The highest score on the scatter gamers can get when they manage to get the same symbol.

Get 40 types of payouts that gamers can win. In every winning process, of course there are stages that must be prepared so as not to lose a lot of bet value. But gamers don’t need to be afraid because in plenty of fruit 6 there will be extra bet games that make gamers profit. On the game screen there are 5 reels that are ready to spin and give value.

play with fruit in game//active

Active extra bet

While on the 6th reel it cannot be played by gamers. To be able to activate the 6th roll, gamers can press the extra bet sign below the game screen. Prepare some funds to be able to activate the 6th reel. When the 6th reel is active, gamers have a chance to win the game.

The symbols available will form a value so that gamers can bring a lot of wins. The sign includes a star, bell, number 7, and citrus fruits, lemons, grapes, cherries, plums, and watermelons. The wild symbol is at no.7. a sign that can replace all symbols except the scatter. Finding luck in symbol no.7 makes gamers lucky and win.

Enjoy the game without the game bonus

On a bright star it becomes a scatter. Successful scatter gives value to gamers if it manages to get the same symbol. It’s just that the plenty of fruit 6 game does not provide free games and bonuses so gamers can only get values ​​from similar symbols. Set the bet value by pressing the plus and minus buttons.

With this button it will make it easier for gamers so that gamers can set the value of the bet. Each value that the gamer gets will affect the value of the symbol. The higher the value of the bet, the higher the value of the coins that gamers get. So the higher the stakes will give the gamer a profit with the value of the symbol.

Use real money to play plenty of fruit 6 game. Enjoy additional gameplay in the game. How to play it is also very easy, gamers only need to choose black or red on the back of the card. If the gamer’s guess is correct, the bet value will be immediately doubled and added to the game credit value.

 Try not to guess wrong gamers because if it is wrong the value of the bet will be lost and gamers must get a value from zero again. also enjoy the automatic game play that can make gamers win fast.