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Booming flame deluxe

Booming flame deluxe novomatic

Booming flame deluxe game that shows an unexpected scene. This time novomatic presents a game that is slightly different from other games. Has a game theme that is green like grass. But the green color is not a beautiful grass but a green flame.

Seeing the colors of the booming flame deluxe game makes many gamers curious and want to try playing this game. This new game brought by novomatic has become a hot topic of conversation. So many gamers who are still new also want to try playing games with shades of green.

Fun game with unique and fresh symbols

Volleycortese – The symbols that gamers will find are fresh and sweet fruits and some beetles that fly around the symbols. The shape of the screen that has 3 rows and 5 rolls will give you a very high winning value. Starting to play the booming flame deluxe game, gamers can prepare the right steps to win. no need to take many steps because this booming flame deluxe game can use 5 ways to win the game.

Small steps that can make many gamers win a lot. On this occasion, the booming flame deluxe game will introduce unique and delicious game symbols. The symbols are red ladybugs, black dots, number 7, bells, stars, European dollar numbers, and fruits [ grapes, oranges, watermelons, plums, lemons, and cherries].

flying beetle//ladybee


Slightly different from other game symbols is not it. This time in the game booming flame deluxe gamers will see symbols of money from Europe and also beetles. Become one of the symbols that can fly across the green fire and also the wild symbol. The presence of predictable wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Wild symbol which can replace all symbols except the european dollar sign and asterisk. If the gamer manages to bring the beetle on the reels, he will see a sign that expands so that the gamer can get a high score. Wild will expand 1 straight reel. If you get more than 1 then get ready – get ready the screen on 2, 3, and 4 will be filled by the beetle symbol.

Get as many symbols

Left to right will be the stage of value formation. Only the scatter cannot follow the value stages from left to right. The direction that can make the scatter spend money is only where the scatter lands. Managed to get a value when the beetle expands with 3 reels and other symbols such as the number seven then the value will go straight in.

4 european dollar symbols gamers get 100 coins. Find the winning value of the beetle combination symbol and also the symbol combination. The more symbols the gamer gets, the higher the gamer’s chance to win. also enjoy the games provided by novomatic.

Play with real money bets

Games that make you think about placing bets or not playing them at all. Additional games in the form of cards will give gamers unexpected luck, use your luck and get as many wins as possible. Guess the color behind the card if the guess is correct then the value will be added immediately. Use real money in placing bets on the booming flame deluxe game.

Enjoy the game happily because gamers don’t need to press the start button again. Just by pressing automatically, the screen will rotate on its own and give the value of symbol formation faster than manual games.