Game money party juice juice



Game money party juice juice is a game that has a fresh and delicious fruit shape. Game presented by novomatic. This type of game has 4 jackpot wins. In this game, it is not only the jackpot that can trigger a win, but each symbol can give an unexpected win.

This game that has 5 reels has a fairly high payout value. Each winning step you can get as many as 25 or 50 game winning steps. The 4 jackpots available in the Money Party Juice Game are mini, minor, major and grand. Of the 4 jackpot games there are 2 jackpots that give a high value and the other 2 jackpots give a small value.

Victory step

Volleycortese – There is a spin lock that is ready to hold coins and get a lot of coins in the party juice juice game. The same 6 coin tokens are ready to give spin lock so that the screen will be still and only move when looking for coins or jackpot marks in the game. When you manage to get a lot of coins, gamers will get the first 3 chances in the game cycle.

Each value that is obtained by the gamer will get a double value. Which value will be doubled so that gamers will get a large winning value. But this value only applies to all symbols except the high jackpot value. Each symbol game has an attractive and beautiful type of symbol.

of the 4 jackpots there is a small value//juice

Paid value and game symbols

For the symbol of money, party juice has fruit symbols such as: watermelon, lemon, grapes, oranges, plums, and cherries. In addition to fruit there is also the number 7, coins, wilds, juice bonuses, bells, game jackpots, and bar writing. To be able to get a bonus sign, gamers don’t need to worry. Because the sign is only present on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th rounds.

When gamers get a bonus sign then the game screen will change to an unexpected victory screen. The value obtained is as much as twenty-five to seventy-five. If gamers can get the same bonus juice sign, they will get 10 free spins. Wild replaces all symbols except the bonus game.

Free spins and symbols game

If you still want to know the types of symbols, gamers can press info. In it there are many symbols and values ​​in each sign. Not only symbols but gamers will also know how to win and the jackpot value that you can get. During free spins, if gamers get the same bonus juice sign, they will get free spins again.

The game will continue to spin as long as gamers have credit. When the credit runs out, the game will stop. When you succeed in getting free spins, gamers will get the opportunity to spin for free. When the free spins run out, gamers who manage to get coins will get a credit value so that gamers can play even longer.

Play the auto game and get the win

If you still feel bored and the game rotation doesn’t move fast, you can press automatic. Then the game screen will rotate by itself and gamers do not need to press start or spin. The screen will continue to spin until you get the value and the amount of credit runs out. This type of game is played with a luck system.

If the gamer’s luck is good, the gamer will automatically get a lot of wins and the opportunity to win. If gamers get a full and full wild sign on the screen then gamers will get a big win.