Diamond wheel deluxe



Diamond wheel deluxe game presented by novomatic provider. A game that has a funny and exciting theme. A game that has symbols of fresh fruits and diamonds. Get a deluxe diamond wheel game with a winning value that can be achieved by gamers.

To start playing the game, gamers can see the info from the game. Press game info then a lot of all symbols will come out. In this information, gamers will know the values ​​of each symbol and will also know several stages to be able to win the game. The type of game that has a high level so that gamers can get a big win value.

Game symbol

Volleycortese – There will be many symbols that gamers can find in the game info. Here are the symbols of the deluxe diamond wheel: Number 7, watermelon, plums, grapes, oranges, lemons, cherries, and wheels. Symbols that give a lot of winning values ​​and a winning wheel from the diamond wheel.

When starting to play the game gamers will get a sign to the right of the screen. The sign will determine the value to be obtained for each symbol in any position. Diamond wheel deluxe has 5 reels and 10 ways to get game wins.

The winning direction with diamond wheel

With a sign that determines the value of the same number of symbols, it will make it easier for gamers to get the winning value quickly. Not all symbols that appear will give a winning value because the sign of the deluxe diamond wheel game determines the direction of the game’s victory.

victory wheel//fruit

If the gamer gets 3 of the same wheel will appear or the wheel will drop to the center of the game screen. The wheel that is present in the middle of the game is a bonus game from the deluxe diamond wheel. Inside the wheel there will be many diamonds that have different values. when to start playing the game gamers will press the button to start spinning the wheel.

Game diamond wheel details

Diamond wheel spin will give 15 chances to start diamond wheel spin. In the diamond wheel deluxe game, gamers who have the opportunity to spin the wheel will have the opportunity to win the game. If gamers get red diamonds like arrows, they will immediately get game wins. Diamonds in the wheel have various shapes such as: 4 blue diamonds, 6 yellow diamonds, 4 blank diamonds, red diamonds red marks, and green diamonds. By getting the game wheel gamers will get a chance to win to get ruby ​​diamonds.

If gamers feel bored with the game round, they can press the automatic button. Automatic buttons will help gamers in playing the game round. The game will automatically spin by itself so gamers don’t need to press the start or spin button again. Playing automatically, gamers only need to wait for the results of the symbols that are obtained automatically.

Chance to win the game through the diamond wheel

If gamers get the same 3 wheels, they will get another diamond wheel game so that gamers get a chance to win the diamond wheel. In the diamond wheeldeluxe game, it will end when the amount of credit in the game has run out so gamers cannot play the diamond wheel deluxe game.

To find out the value that can be obtained in each symbol can be seen from next to the game screen. So gamers can know how much value they will get if they get the same number of symbols. Diamond wheel deluxe is a type of game that has an interesting and exciting game sound.