Gleaming doubles

Gleaming doubles

Gleaming doubles

Gleaming doubles game that gives a victory from the symbol and bonus game. Gleamingdoubles will give some interesting symbols with one symbol double. Novomatic brings back an exciting game with a unique symbol shape. There will be a locked screen to get a lot of game scores.

The slot game in the form of 5 reels with 4 rows will give a pay value of 20 payments per game line. There will be beautiful and funny symbols that gamers can get such as: joker, red diamond, number 7, number 7 doubles, bells, cherry fruit, oranges, lemons, plums, watermelons, and many other types of symbols that gamers can see in the game gleaming doubles.

direction of victory symbol

Volleycortese – To know more clearly the gleaming doubles symbol, you can go to the game info. In this info gamers can find various types of symbols and values. There are also some writings listed in the game settings. Each symbol will form a value from the first appearance of the symbol. When you get a symbol that appears on the left on the first reel, then the same symbol as the first reel will form a value.

With this information, it can be seen that the direction of the game can be from left to right. Wild is in the joker picture. The Joker will replace all game symbols except the bonus symbol. Symbol values ​​that do not follow the direction of victory are only scatters. Wherever the position is, the gamer will get a scatter value. Not only the average value but gamers also get double value.

joker is here to give value//Ganda

Locked symbols

Get the same 4 bonus marks, gamers will get free spins on the first spin, gamers get a bonus. In addition to free spins that gamers can get, gamers will also get a game screen lock. The screen will lock the symbol and play again to get the same symbol. This will continue to be played until the number of free spins runs out and the screen is covered by the bonus symbol.

The number of free spins that gamers get is 15 free spins. During the free spins, if the gamer gets the same joler sign, the screen will be locked and the empty one will continue to spin to get the same sign until the screen is closed or full joker, the gamer will get the coin value and win big.

Many advantages of playing auto games

The gleaming doubles game will present the same and many symbols. There will be a double symbol on the game screen. So even though gamers get singles and doubles marks, they can also form a winning value. To play the gleaming doubles game, gamers can also use the autoplay feature.

Features that provide many advantages and are easy and not complicated. Gamers just press autoplay then the screen on the game will rotate by itself so gamers don’t need to press the button again. You just have to see the value that gamers will get by using the automatic button. When playing do not forget to select the language in the game.

Try with a small bet

There are various languages ​​that gamers can choose from. Select the type of language that gamers speak and don’t forget to press the minus and plus buttons. By pressing the button the gamer can set the bet value that the gamer wants. If gamers are afraid and are still hesitant to play the gleaming doubles game, you can place a small bet value.

If the gamer manages to get value with a small bet, the gamer can add the value of the bet. The higher the value, the higher the chance to win.